iPad connection to TV....video lag

Maybe one for the tech heads…I’m connecting my iPad to the TV via the expensive Apple lightning connector. However, the picture on the TV shows some video lag so for example going past lamp posts, trees etc there is some juddering, not smooth. No such issues on the iPad. Any reasons why?

I think its down to the processing power of your iPad.
I had same problem with an iPad Mini: smooth on screen, judders on TV (using Apple Lightening/HDMI cable).
No problem using a newer normal size iPad.

I’m guessing that the extra processing required to send the HDMI image pushes you iPad over the edge of what it can do.

Here is the explanation I found some time ago:

I have since switched to an AppleTV 4K :smile:

Without a doubt its due to the connection using the Apple hdmi connector. I’ve subsequently bought an Apple TV. The difference is staggering. Without a doubt its one of the best cycling related purchases I’ve ever made