iPad Bluetooth Bridge

For years I’ve used ATV to run Zwift and used my iPad to run ZC alongside it. Connectivity has been fine running the Tacx Neo and Garmin HRM. I recently bought the Zwift Controllers and due to ATV’s lack of bluetooth connectivity, as DC Rainmaker/GP Llama have pointed out, I need to connected via the Bluetooth Bridge via the iPhone. The iPhone is fine but not ideal. The screen feels too small & restrictive therefore would prefer to use my iPad but when I try, it cannot find any of my hardware :woman_shrugging:. Any suggestions why? Is it simply not feasible on the iPad therefore just have to suck it up using my iPhone? Am i doing something wrong? Any tweaks or suggestions?



It should work. Assuming you have Bluetooth enabled on the iPad, check the settings for the Companion app to see if it’s allowed to access Bluetooth. This came up recently on a different topic…

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Cheers, thanks for the advice and appears to be working fine. I do feel a bit stupid that I missed this but c’est la vie.

100% not your fault. The app should have asked for Bluetooth access, or raised an error message about missing Bluetooth access, or the support docs should have said to check for Bluetooth permission.

When I first tried to pair the Zwift Play, the CA said “Bluetooth Disabled” or something like that, but it did not say how to fix that. It should say to go to Settings and enable Bluetooth for the Zwift Companion App.

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