11/23 companion app Bluetooth bridge connection issues

Hi all,

I am using AppleTV and CA running on an iPhone to Bluetooth bridge smart trainer, power, rpm, hr = 4 discrete connections. All are updated. Since recent Zwift update which kind of coincided with Apple update, the Bluetooth bridge from CA to AppleTV is buggy. Sometimes CA sees BT devices, sometimes not. If CA does see a BT device it will connect and not transmit any data. I’ve replaced all batteries and tried 2 different iPhones, I’ve restarted and cleared caches etc - same results. Sure, I can not use CA bridge but then I can’t connect everything. I’ve been using this setup since 2017 and it’s been rock solid, despite all the updates, until now. Help an old OG Zwifter out. Thank you!
NB. Fwiw, all will BT connect to my AppleTV (no bridge), Garmin, etc

I’m having similar issues with Apple TV and the companion app. Sometimes it doesnt see my trainer, HRM and Play controllers. Other times it connects to them but I get a ‘no signal’ message. It only works intermittently.