iOS NO signal status after few sec

(Zvarian Marka) #1


anyone losing signal after few seconds as well?


my trainer is elite qubo digital smart b+ and i use polar cadence senor and HR belt. 

polar accessories works fine, but trainer keeps losing signal.


tested on ipad air 2 and iphone se - same result, both tested with iOS 10.1 and 10.2


any ideas why? is there any possibility that cadence sensor can mess up with signal? because when i use elite myEtraining app everything works fine but it seems that elite app somehow disables polar cadence sensor (it stops blinking)

(Marco Romagnuolo) #2

Hi, I have EXACTLY the same problem with Elite Real Turbo Muin Smart b+: frequent Bluetooth dropouts and my avatar stops for few seconds… any suggestion?

(Zvarian Marka) #3



still nothing. Zwift team can you help?