iOS (iPAD) + Wahoo kickr core: Zwift does not use SIM mode during free ride/race. It stucks somehow in ERG mode

Hi, since latest ZWIFT release, I’ve huge issue with my kickr core.
After connection the kickr seems to be in ERG mode, either at 60W or 120W.
If I start a workout, everything behaves correctly. But after leaving the workout zwift just does not use sim mode.
Even if ZWIFT is restarted and a free ride is started, it’s mostly the same.
Only several restart attempts, with repowering the kickr (in connection window) seems to solve the issue, until ZWIFT is started the next time.

If I use the wahoo app with this ipad, everything is fine - erg, resistance, simulation.

best regards

Any updates on this? I am experiencing similar issues through the companion app on iOS

It seems it was an issue of the kickr itself.
I‘ve cleaned the optical sensor behind the flywheel and reassembled everything.
After that there was no further issue until now.

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Thanks Bastian. Will give that a try