iOS companion app - how to disconnect Bluetooth device after it autoconnects?

My setup has been using the Apple TV’s bluetooth connections with the Kickr Snap and my Wahoo cadence sensor. Then use the companion app with my Tickr fit hr band.

However, lately the cadence sensor has been dropping in and out on Zwift (on Apple TV) when the companion app starts. This requires me to connect the cadence sensor to the companion app to use it correctly.

Can I make the companion app forgot the cadence sensor or disconnect so the cadence sensor only connects with Apple TV?

I dont know of a way to make just one connection be forgotten but I do believe you can forget them all by connecting the blue tooth to the Apple TV then switch back to the companion app. You will only be able to connect two devices but that is enough. Then switch back. Haven’t done that lately but I have done it sometime ago and it seemed to work.
I would also recommend toggling the blue tooth on your phone on and off when doing this. That seems to clean up occasional weirdness I get.