iOS bug in race results

Hello team.
I found bug in companion zwift app.
When I clicked race results in my activity nothing happened

Can you fix it?

Same here!

Welcome to Forums @Maksym_Babych and @Magnus_Kristiansen_V Thanks for reporting this unexpected issue. I comprehend how essential it is for you to see your Race results to track your progress. It looks like there is an issue with meetup race results appearing in Zwift Companion activity feed on iOS devices. I’ve flagged your cases to our Engineering team for more visibility on this issue.

Meanwhile, I’d like to suggest you use the Club feature in Zwift companion app to create events with race results for your Club. Please click on this link to learn more about it.

On the other hand, If you have a Android device, you should be able to review your affected meetups there. Commonly, bugs are fixed in the new game version releases, so I kindly recommend you keep an eye for the upcoming updates.