iOS autofill not working

Hi everyone.
Currently running Zwift on iOS 12, iPad Pro 12.9. For reasons I have not yet puzzled out, the autoifll option does not work for keychain or for lastpass. Because my passwords are long and difficult to type, it would be great if I could get this feature to work,

When I am at the Zwift login screen, I am prompted for the password either for keychain or for lastpass. However when I select either last pass or keychain, the app dips for a moment and then returns blank with no password filled in.

Has anyone else had this experience or knows a work around? Additionally, I found it strange that Zwift does not appear in the app list under the General settings like all other apps do.

Hey @Drew_E is this only an issue for Zwift? Investigating on our side.

Edit: @Drew_E Can you paste your passwords into clipboard from these apps on your iOS devices? If so, you should be able to copy and paste them into Zwift.

Hi Vincent.

I can’t say that it’s only an issue with Zwift, as there are just too many apps in the ios world for me to say conclusively. As for as the apps that I use, yes – the problem is only with Zwift.

I just made another video grabbing random apps from my dock and showing how they work, and at the end, showing how Zwift works.

Of course, with any of the various password managers, one can first log into the password manager and copy the password, which is what I have been doing. I mainly want to know why Zwift behaves this way, and if it’s just me, or just iPad, or just ios 11 and 12, or… what.

It does this with both Keychain (Apple product) and LastPass, and I suspect other password managers as well.