iOS App Suggestions

Over all Zwift and the Zwift phone app are great but adding a few more capabilities to the phone app would make the overall experience better.  First off, I never get to use the space bar options like extra power or feather light because my computer is to far away to hit the space bar.  I have moved my computer close enough to use that feature but its just not worth it.  If however I was able to start the “perk” from my phone app I would use the perks all of the time.  The second feature I would like to see added to the phone app would be the ability to change my kit.  This would be great because once hitting a milestone I wouldn’t have to dismount, crouch by the computer and look through the new jerseys.  Instead it would be nice to have this functionality on the phone app.  It could be similar to the way the apple TV remote works were you swipe on your phone and it moves stuff on the Zwift app.  

Thanks for the great riding experience, it has been fun thus far and I look forward to the future Zwift!

Hi Ben,

You can use the Power-Ups on the phone by hitting “Ride on!” but we’ll have an update soon with a dedicated button for it (among other fixes).