more features in ios app than I realized

Tonight I accidentally stumbled on the other panes in the ios app. There are a lot more features there than I realized! Until this point I’d thought it was just an on-bike display for the same data shown on the heads-up. No! For example, I can change my view. That’s cool!

There are other things I can do, though I don’t know if they actually do anything. Nevertheless it’s a really interesting way to interact with others in the zwiftworld.

the one piece of feedback I’ll give is that maybe y’all should do a quick little video tour of the various features of each UI. I still haven’t figured out what all the stuff on the heads-up is, but I will eventually.

I agree! Yesterday I started a ride and then just started hitting all the keyboard keys. My setup is a Computrainer wired into a desktop with Windows 7. Lots of secret stuff! I’ll have to start cataloguing them. It would be nice if there was a guide or video.

There’s one secret button in the ios app. Ride-On activates power ups.