iOS app on iPhone - only power source or speed sensor

Hi, wanted to use my new wahoo kickr with my iphone. While android, apple tv, mac etc. show the option to connect HR, cadence, controllable trainer my iphone only shows the option to connect power source or speed sensor… is that intended?

Yes, just click on Power Source and you should see the pairing screen after that.

Yeah it does take me to the pairing screen but other devices specifically mention controllable as a possible option. Also how to pair HR then as there is no option!?

The option for controllable and HR should be within the pairing screen after you select Power Source, it did for me yesterday.

Yeah sorry. It popped up. Thanks!

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Okay oddly I get only these two options the first time I am trying to connect?
Received my watt bike today and only seem to see power source and speed sensor? When I click on power source I get “Searching…” but my watt bike doesn’t appear? Bluetooth is defo on as is Watt bike as have connected my Garmin easily straight away? Would appreciate some advice please blush: