iOS display screen issue, only speed sensor can be seen

Been 4 days installing / reinstalling on Zwift apps using my 2 iPads & iPhone but still can not connect. It is different display from my friends S9 android.
Hope can help. Thanks

IIRC once you select to pair either a Power Source or Speed Sensor the other options will then come up. Have you tried to pair either a controllable trainer (Power source) or a speed sensor at that screen?

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The problem is i cannot connect the bluetooth sensor and the zwift apps. I tried to remove the sensor and remove the battery and manually awaken with light blinks still cannot detect it. I will try more on your above experience.
Thank you so much.

When you click on speed sensor button it should bring up a list of available sensors broadcasting. Next time you log in if you are still having issues can you take a screen shot after you’ve clicked on “speed sensor” so we can see if Zwift is recognizing any active sensors broadcasting? I’ve also found it useful to pedal a few seconds before getting to the pairing screen that way all sensors are awake and should be broadcasting.

Also, I assume your speed sensor isn’t connected to any other device right? Bluetooth is a one to one connection so if your sensors are linked to another device they cannot broadcast/connect to Zwift.

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As you can see the above photo doesn’t have Ant+ symbol only Bluetooth. I think this the main problem of my Zwift apps.

That’s because iOS and AppleTV only have Bluetooth. If you don’t have Bluetooth sensors you will need to use a PC/Laptop or Android device that has ANT+ capability

Problem solved! Thanks a lot master! Cheers!