Invisible on yesterday's race (Summit City Endurance Ride

Yesterday afternoon, I had a strange experience during the last third of my race/ride.
Zwift - Summit City Zwift League Endurance Ride (D) on December 17th, 2019. When I waited for other riders to pass me so that I could join them and draft or work with them. However, they were not visible to me at all. This happened at least 3 times. Once the race was over and I continued on my cool down, it was back to normal. Very odd, but I wanted you to know about it.

That could be caused by a network dropout. But it is strange that it came back when you finished the group ride.

This is a long shot, but here goes.

Did you use the companion app “fan view” to watch someone?

I did not know that there is a companion fan view. So no, unless I accidentally touched it…? What does that button look like and where is it accessed? I have only seen the ability to watch someone else by clicking on the computer screen.

I thought it was a long shot. You see that button if you go to the rider profile while you are riding.