Intervals on the CycleOps Hammer?

At the end of a high-power interval on my CycleOps Hammer, I find it nearly impossible to reduce power and maintain cadence, and harder still to keep Zwift from exiting ERG mode. Frequently, especially if the next interval is after only 30 seconds of recovery, I’ll miss the next interval altogether because the Hammer’s flywheel is still whipping about at 9000mph and everything’s still out of sync.

What’s the best way to manage this? Is there some way to brake the Hammer of which I’m not aware?

You could use lower gears that way your trainer flywheel wont be spinning so fast.

But that is the one problem with these trainers that produce power even if you don’t pedal. I have a powertap wheel and as soon as I stop pedaling the power goes to “0” ZERO

That makes sense. So, small gears, and then - counterintuitively - up shift at the end, maybe, and then a down shift by the end of the recovery?

Just do all of your intervals in the same gear i.e. small chainring front and about 15 on the back. Intervals work fine for me with this combo on my Hammer.