Intermittent disconnection on Garmin FR245

As I understand Zwift support Garmin FR245 model, however I have the mentioned disconnection problem while running on the treadmill indoor. How to resolve this, if I buy a Garmin DR Pod to connect to FR245 and run on Zwift apps, would this help?

The Garmin DR Pod is not supported and will not work.

I would suggest just cutting to the chase and getting a Stryd.

You don’t need anything else with you having the 245.
Are you pairing the watch on the settings page via virtual run?
If you don’t do this correctly after 30 mins the watch will time out and stop sending data.

yes, I was in the Virtual Run screen when running on Zwift on my phone, will the phone internet connection cause the interruption?

Noted. Thanks. Paul

No. You’ll need the internet connection to run Zwift