Zwift RunPod with/vs Garmin Virtual Run?

Hello all,

I have a Zwift runpod and a Garmin FR 945 LTE. I’m hoping to use Zwift on the treadmill this winter, and was wondering if I should use:

  1. The Zwift pod paired directly to Zwift
  2. The 945 in Virtual Run mode paired to Zwift (using the watch accelerometer presumably)
  3. The Zwift pod paired to the 945, and the 945 in Virtual Run mode paired to Zwift

Anyone have experience with either or both of these devices in concert? Any advice appreciated.


All will need calibrating. And maybe regularly at that.

A lot depends on accuracy of data.
For example if you want accurate cadence then don’t use the watch as that uses the accelerometer to provide the data.
Same for speed. This needs that if you increase pace on the treadmill your arm swing doesn’t always correlate the same and it may not register the change in speed.

The foot pod is better for this but alas the Zwift pod is temperamental at the best of times.

Have you considered the NPE Runn which is slightly more robust.

Hi Teddy,

Did you ever find an answer to your question? I have the same setup. Garmin FR 945 and Zwift Run Pod. I’m only using the Run Pod and not the virtual run on the FR 945.

I find that either options worked ok but now I’m debating whether I should get a treadmill that links directly to Zwift.

Best regards,