FR245 VirtualRun to ZwiftCompanion

I’m trying to use my Garmin Forerunner 245’s (ver 6.20) Virtual Run feature with the Zwift app (can’t find a version) on a windows (8.1 Pro) tablet via Zwift companion (3.24.1) on a Galaxy S9 (Android10).

The watch works great when I pair it directly to zwift (1.11.1 not companion) running on the S9. The companion app receives and transmits speed from my Spirit XT485 treadmill.

Something in the combination of the 3 devices is causing a problem. Any help in identifying what?

I’m trying to work out what’s not actually working?

Fair enough. Seems I skipped over that point.

The stats from the virtual run activity on the FR245 are sent to the tablet via the companion initially but it disconnects a few minutes in and stays disconnected.

If the watch is pairing directly to the tablet then use that connection.

Just use the companion app for the normal use as opposed to being a bridge.

The watch pairs directly with my S9 phone. The tablet is too old and needs the companion.

Ah right. I take it the screen is too small to make using the phone effective and hence why you want to use the tablet?

Nailed it.

Obviously one option is to cast from your phone to a bigger screen or even screen mirror to the tablet but then you’d need a 3rd device to use the companion app.

Whilst I’m up to speed with the virtual run option of Garmin watches I’ve never tried bridging it via ZCA.
How long before it drops the connection?

Looks like the most recent time it was almost exactly 15:30 minutes. I’ll look back through prior runs tomorrow to see if it’s the same.

Some other snapshots from runs. I can’t say for sure when I used the companion and when I didn’t.

I see in all the picture your battery percentage is very low. Could it be power saving or something like that?

That indicates a low battery when I took the screenshot. Since its inconsistent, that’s something worth watching though. Tablet is usually plugged in, but the phone/companion/bridge isn’t. I’d be surprised if that was it though. It usually has a good charge.