Intel NUC8 i5 or i7 with Zwift 4K

I want to switch from FullHD and my Intel i3 with internal GPU to 4K with Zwift. With the old i3 and interal GPU Zwift works very well with FullHD.

Target is a quite small computer: Intel® NUC8i5 or NUC8i7 Barebone.

CPU should be good enough - but is the GPU Intel® Iris Plus Graphics 655 in i5 or i7 powerfull enough to render an display 4K graphics with sufficiant framerate?

Look on Zwiftalizer 2.0 and filter for " Resolution: 2160 (4K)" and “GPU Make: Intel” and you’ll get some actual results from users.

The two reports I see from users using integrated Intel graphics at 4K are using Zwift’s “2160 BASIC” graphics setting. One reports minimum FPS of 13.5 and the other 32.2.

Integrated graphics may be a problem in dense visuals: dust, etc. and many riders in view.