Instructions for Elite Real TurboMuin

I’m trying to find some instructions for the Elite Real TurboMuin. Can anyone help please?

Of course you would imagine that you could go to Elite and find what you need without any effort – but frankly the layout of their forum is impenetrable and the support is completely useless.

It’s a shame because their trainers are excellent that they seem to have no idea what they’re doing in terms of the customer-facing part of their operation.

If somebody has a set of instructions – or if they could link me to them on the web somewhere I’d be very grateful.

Third result on Google :wink: :

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Well now I feel really silly. I’ve seen that PDF already and I even downloaded a copy but obviously I didn’t look at it clearly enough.

The first English part only deals with the technical aspects of the unit. Assembly and so forth. I hadn’t realised that setting it up and connecting et cetera was dealt with in a later English section. Your post prompted me to have another look and I found it.

So big fail for me for not having examined the document close enough.

Big fail for Elite for having fragmented the instructions in this way. I’m sure it would have been much easier if there was an entire section devoted to Italian, devoted to English, devoted to German – et cetera.

Anyway thanks very much

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Although just to add, this is for the B+ trainer – not for the original real turbo Muin. So I’m hoping that there are similarities. I still wouldn’t mind a link to the instructions for the non-B+ one

No wait, is that a different one again? :smiley:

Yup – I’m afraid I think it is not the same machine.

For some reason rather, Elite have been rather unimaginative in naming their trainers.

So there was Elite TurboMuin
then there was Elite Real TurboMuin
and then finally there was Elite Real TurboMuin B+

The instructions which you just pointed to refer to Elite TurboMuin (not Real) which is a completely different animal altogether.