Innsbruck - Glitches

I did the Achterbahn in a group meet up this morning (no drop) and ended up doing an easy climb up Innsbruck Mountain but my pace sat at about 45km/h. Me and my ride buddy both got the KOM and most of the KOMs up the hill. My time was 10:14 against my previous best of 28:49!

Whilst I’m happy at the world class numbers, it’s disingenuous.

By “no drop,” do you mean “keep together”? The “keep together” option does some very strange things to the group’s velocity. I often find that solo riders scream past “keep together” groups on the way downhill, but “keep together” groups go unexpectedly fast both uphill and on dirt.

Sorry - keep together. I understand that some of the speeds are a bit off but this morning was wild - it usually takes me 30 minutes to do the climb and I did it in 10! A bit funny however I was accused of weight footing on Strava which was a laugh as I’m 90kgs. What weight must they think I really am???