Initial Screen issues

When I loaded the initial screen this morning and sync’d my HR and Mpower console two things occurred:

*I must have accidentally hit U, because for the first several minutes of riding I could not figure out how I got switched to kph. I then had to search the forums to figure out the correct key to switch it back. I’m not sure those keys should be active in the pairing screen.
*As I turned on my mpower console, I suddenly got an achievement for sprinting. Apparently the mpower console glitches upon startup every now and give high wattage numbers. I’m not sure I should be able to get achievements while in the pairing screen.

Just my two cents.

Hi, Monte. Could use your help. I am trying to use my Schwinn AC Performance Plus with MPower (watts upgrade, red, firmware v1.9, purchased Aug 2014) console. Zwift locates the power sensor, but doesn’t register any watts or cadence. I think this console is compatible, but not sure. Can I ask what MPower you’re using (color, firmware version, etc…)


Lisa - I have the older MPOWER grey model that was purchased in August of 2012.  I’m not sure of the firmware as I can’t recall how to get to those screens.  I purchased the ANT+ dongle and have really never had any connection issues with Zwift.  From what I understand, Zwift gets the wattage and cadence from the console and HR from my chest strap.  I think Zwift calculates its own speed based on the terrain.  One thing I did do is change the console so it calibrates every time I turn it on, instead of manually doing it every few weeks.  I also replaced the batteries when I have had connection issues as the older MPOWER consoles seemed to lose some connection capabilities when the batteries got below half.  I also got an extension cable for the USB dongle as sometimes I would drop the connection due to distance.  Lastly, I do have an intermittent issue where every so often I’ll drop all readings to Zwift for about 5 seconds and then it will pick back up.  I think it’s my console as the older grey models aren’t as reliable as the newer ones.

Aside from those notes, I’m not sure why it would locate the sensor and report watts but not cadence.  You might try downloading a phone app from the ANT+ dongle maker and see what sensors that app picks up.  Just a thought…