Initial impressions after a 3 hour ride

-The graphics are beautiful and top notch
-Pairing is very easy although it couldn’t find my Powerbeam Pro (maybe it isn’t supported yet?)
-Love being able to see others efforts. The W/kg metric is an excellent way to go. Gives more of an apples-to-apples comparison of efforts
-Passing riders is a bit clunky, it would be nice to see a smoother transition when overtaking (nit-pick)

Feature requests:
-Do a specific workout
-Import a GPS route and create your own map or have Zwift create a map based upon some general inputs
-Designate the type of riding you plan to do. Looking to race, endurance ride, interval training, out for a social ride, etc. Maybe this would be different maps or it is set as a “status”. Probably better to set a status and then choose the map you want vs being forced to change maps if I decide I want to change from “endurance” mode to “race” mode, for example.
-Scheduled events. Similar to above but setup a race or a group ride with a set date/time, participants, course, etc.
-Teams and or clubs
-A historical graph of my ride data. It would be nice to see say the last 2 minutes of my power, hr, cadence, speed, etc. as I ride. Also see an overlay of my ride data onto the map similar to what you see on Strava.
-Ability to see kJ for the cession
-Create a ghost of my previous rides/best efforts that I can race against. Maybe make it an AI rider that can be toggled on and off
-More power smoothing and faster power readings. Power readings are a bit jumpy from my Stages power meter. Also noticed some minor lag (maybe 1 second or so) between my perceived effort and the power I saw on the screen.
-Raise the threshold for standing vs seated. Looks like that is currently set to 70 rpm. Maybe it is a bit personal but I’m usually standing for anything below 80rpm. (make this customizable?)
-A landing page for when a ride is complete instead of closing the program. I know this has already been discussed. I would like to be able to look at my past rides, see info on who I rode with in my current session/past sessions, historical performance data, a menu of maps with number of riders in each, etc.
-ERG mode for my PowerBeam Pro would be awesome!

Overall the experience was very good. More maps would be very nice and I’m sure they are on the way.

The most powerful feature of the program is the social aspect. I had set out to do a 3 hour endurance ride but found that the interaction with other riders drove a significant portion of my ride. I wanted to get that polka dot jersey back if someone stole it. Someone catching up to me? Found myself picking up the pace a bit, same when overtaking.

Making interaction with other riders would take the social aspect to the next level. (I guess I need to try the mobile app).

So much potential here I’m very enthused to see how this develops!

“Pairing is very easy although it couldn’t find my Powerbeam Pro (maybe it isn’t supported yet?)”

You might want to try getting your ANT+ dongle closer to the trainer with a USB extension cable like they suggest in this thread:

Customizable “standing” settings would be interesting. It’s one of those little touches that I think could help submerge a person deeper into the game–and that would be a good thing.