Ideas & Glitches

(David Burgess) #1

I’ve developed a list of things I think would be a good idea over my rides. I know you are already considering some of these, you have probably already thought about and dismissed some of these and some of these ideas might be new to you. In no particular order.

-Arcade mode and normal mode for those of us that are not interested in power ups. But it is easy just to ignore the power ups. This isn’t my idea but I did like it.
-Power up button on phone app as reaching over to the computer is often hard or possibly dangerous.
-Garmin Connect account integration automation.
-More detailed workout review pages.
-Save the ride and stay in the program. Currently Zwift closes down once ride is complete.
-Change gear (kit) online or be able to log in without liking speed or power meter 1st.
-Similar to above, review detailed workouts online or change kit online without logging into Zwift program.
-Colour coded display, heart rate, power, speed.
-Choose direction to ride.
-Training mode (which we know is in development)
-Manual/Handbook with controls and explanation of how various features of Zwift work.
-Mobile app to control aspects of the program such as view or display stats. Not seen mobile app but maybe swipable pages of data to display various group sets of info.
-More obvious countdowns and/or starts to sprint or climb sections.
-Colour coded AI’s depending on AI’s intensity. Or even better, use AI’s in the training mode which we then strive to follow.
-Lap time displayed somewhere.
-Current stage times of each Jersey displayed somewhere. At present I find myself doing a lap to check out the times and determine whether it is worth going for it or not.
-I’m sure you are working on it, but more partners or sponsors would make it even more exciting. I can imagine exclusive kits available to riders who complete an event or challenge set up by Specialized, Cannondale, BMC or Castelli, unless your agreement with Pinarello restricts this.

I’ve also noticed a few technical issues.

-Couple of riders all over the road.
-If I log into the Zwift program without my Kickr plugged in I struggle to close the program, I’m basically stuck.
-Zwift review info does not agree with info once uploaded to Garmin Connect.
-After over 100k on the island, it can’t help but feel that speed in Zwift is not directly linked to the speed sensor in my trainer. At times, no matter what my power output my speed does not seem to alter too much. I know speed isn’t the best factor to use when training, I love my new power meter, but if speed is worked out in Zwift in a more indirect manner then I find myself less inclined to chase those Jerseys.

Running Zwift on a MacBook OS10.

I know big lists like this might feel like we are having a moan, that is not the case. I’m just taking the provided opportunity to add my voice, and if any of my ideas make it to the out of beta released cut, then that would be amazing.

Even though I screwed up this year and missed registration for my main event, Zwift is still keeping me motivated to move.

(Christopher Pallotta) #2

Your speed is not matched to your trainer’s speed sensor by design. Speed in Zwift is calculated using your watts/kg and the road gradient. Your trainer’s speed sensor does not take this into account.

(Jason K) #3

Haha, so the great news is that a lot of what you’ve talked about are things that we’re already considering/planning on! Since we’re a small studio, we haven’t gotten to them yet, but they’re coming. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Zwift!

(David Burgess) #4

Amazing. I was so excited to get my invite. Now I have been using it for a couple of weeks and reading these posts still keeps me excited for future developments.

It’s taken a little pondering but if I’m right, using power to control an avatars speed in the game helps to create a more level playing field for all whether using a resistance controlled trainer or not. For example a user of a non resistance controlled trainer will see their in game speed drop as they approach a positive gradient even if they put out a constant effort on the trainer. Clever.