Initial download taking forever

I’m trying to download Zwift for the first time onto my Macbook.
The download starts estimating 32 minutes, but then slowly the estimate goes up and up…
It seems like it is very slowly downloading, but it gets slower and slower until its in the 1000’s of minutes to go when I cancel it - seems at that point to be about 10% downloaded according to the blue bar.

Internet is fine (not great, but OK), I’ve tried uninstalling and rebooting and removing all old files, but same thing each time…

Looking at the log file, theend of the log shows:
Downloader: ERROR: “assets\UI\WhiteOrangeTheme\Help_Overlay\Pairing_Screen_Help\PairingTutorial.wad” timed out!

Any ideas??? I’d really like to have a go at Zwift, but currently totally unable to try it out…

Hi @Ian_Townsend

Is there a way you could try another internet connection, this download should not take more than a few minutes.

You could also try another browser to see if that helps.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the internet connection, I’ve downloaded plenty of other stuff.
I’ll see if I can try somewhere else though - thanks for the idea…

Thannks Paul,
I’ve downloaded the initial app, it’s actually when I open Zwift.
First thing it wants to do is update stuff and that starts off OK, but then seems to get stuck on the… “\PairingTutorial.wad” timed out!” error…

Try disabling Bluetooth before opening Zwift and see if that helps.

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Cool, I’ll try that, thanks