Ingame/software resistance calibration file for trainers!!! Elite real power ant

I vote for the possibility for an ingame/software calibration file for trainers!!!


I use the Elite Real Power ant version, which does not save calibration values to the smarttrainer/hardware. The calibration needs to be done by the software.

With zwift I cant set the Basewattage of the trainer and I start at 220 watts at 80 rpm on flat ground in the lowest gear. I can not ride like that, especially when riding into the hills.


Please include some sort of software to include and to true older smart trainers, which do not store calibration values on the roll/hardware itself

Yes this has been ask before, I am hope full for a file that I can edit with my calibration values. But i recognize that we have older trainers so it is not a top priority for Zwift.