Info on Upcoming Tours, Big Events, etc

Where can I find information on the upcoming bigger events (multi day events like Korea Cup)?

I’m familiar with finding ‘events’, and while the larger events I’m referring to would also be listed here, I’m guessing that Zwift would know of the larger ones weeks in advance.

Zwift sends me email announcements for the upcoming events. I would expect that to be the default for everyone with Zwift accounts. The emails I get have an unsubscribe option. However, when I look at, I do not see a subscribe/unsubscribe option, only see an email field. Maybe you unsubscribed? email is wrong? notifications are going into SPAM folder?

As an example, there is a Tour of London coming up. I didn’t get an email, and I don’t see this listed anywhere…except if I scroll the events and go all the way out to Thursday which is stage 1.

This is the sort of thing I want to learn of a week or so earlier. I heard of it because a friend mentioned.


One option is to follow them on social media.

For example, it was mentioned on their Instagram here:

And Twitter here:

More information on the event itself here:

There are a ton of informations on rides, races and special events on « »
You go in then on the first page you select « Events » then « more filters » on the second page.

Hi Jason, I did get the eMail yesterday. Maybe you doublecheck your eMail options. But I coulndt find the eMail options either. maybe you quickly write zwift an eMail.