Infinite virtual shifting

Currently virtual shifting uses some pre-defined gear setups. This is nice to mimic outdoor bike performance, but zwift is a virtual world and tbf comparing speed in zwift to speed outdoors is already comparing apples to pears. So why limit zwift to what’s possible in the real world?

So here’s my suggestions: Allow infinite shifting.


  • Have an infinite number of gears instead of the usual 10-12
  • When shifting increase/decrease power by a fixed amount (eg 5 Watt, but could be configurable)


  • There’s often a rather large jump in power between two gears, too much to be compensated by just increasing or decreases cadence, this would allow for much more fine grained control.
  • No longer run out of gears in a descent.
  • Don’t worry that your legs won’t be able to handle the climb, there’s always an extra gear.
  • FTP tests: I find it extremely hard to find the right gear to do the 20 minute free ride portion of an ftp test. Usually the difference between two gears is way too large. So I can’t ride at the power I estimate I can do for 20 minutes, because the difference is so large that I can’t make up for it by increasing or decreasing cadence. In the end this results in a failed ftp test.

You’re describing how resistance control works when you pair via the QZ app ( It’s not like Zwift virtual shifting which tries to replicate bicycle shifting - it’s just resistance up/down. Talk to @Roberto_Viola if that interests you.

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hi @Glenn_Van_Loon let me know if you have any questions