Indoor spin bike set up

I have attached a speed and cadence sensor to the spin bike, which all connects to swift fine. However, when i start pedalling I get an error message “UH” saying that I don’t have it set up correctly as the data is unrealistic. It won’t let me even do a free ride. What do I need to do to fix this?

With the caveat that I have never set up a speed sensor on a spin bike…

The speed sensor is designed to sit right on the hub, very close to the axle of the wheel. If it’s far from the the axle the accelerometer will probably perceive higher velocity and think you are going very fast.

There is also a configuration aspect in the game, where you tell it the size of the wheel. With a larger wheel size, it will think you have traveled a greater distance per revolution of the speed sensor. You can tune it down a bit by telling the game you have a very small wheel size. There are not a lot of wheel size options so this may not help a lot depending on what size you chose.

Speed sensors on spin bikes are notoriously inaccurate so it may be hard to get realistic values from it. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you manage to get the estimated power levels down to a reasonable level, but it does mean that all the metrics you get such as speed and power will be incorrect.

thanks - I will try that, however I want to ensure I don’t get booted out of the game. Do I need to select unlisted also?

Zwift is quite tolerant of people with faulty equipment. Your account is not in jeopardy - if you exceed the power threshold they will just end your ride. You could experiment with picking other trainers to see if it works any better, but yes you have an unlisted trainer.

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thanks - will look into adjusting the settings and give it another go tomorrow morning.

Zwift has no way to know if you have the resistance knob on 0 or max. So they can’t calculate a power curve so it is just a guess.

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