Indoor km's towards in Srtava

(Tom Coudyzer ( B) #1



I was informed by a Strava friend that the indoor km’s on Zwift are not taken into account anymore in your weekly distance and so on ! 

Looks like this has been changed without proper notice ! Not happy with this 'cause i’m working hard in Zwift. This will lead probably again to the indoor/outdoor debate but indoor km’s should at least be counted on personal/private level.

Hope this is fixed at Strava, i already entered a support ticket but perhaps the Zwift team can also inform Strava 'bout this as they have probably more influence than me :wink:

(Andrew Jarrod) #2

If this has changed then I’ll be removing all my goals from Strava as everything is centered around Zwift from October to the end of March.  Without Zwift data I can’t see half my riding for the year.

In fact if Zwift carry on enhancing Watopia (post mountain update), add other updates (Olympic course bound to be coming) and always give us a choice of which course to ride, then I could be using Zwift even through Spring and Autumn.!

I’m a big Strava user (every ride in there) so this is noteworthy news to me.

I can only think that the use of trainers will increase in the years to come too.  So this seems counterintuative.  Also seems to be one in the eye for a big global growing partner.  Very odd.

(Tom Coudyzer ( B) #3

Let’s hope it’s only a bug or they come up with something else. But if Zwift isn’t included anymore in Strava would be disappointed

(Badea Cristi) #4

weekly goal is personal and dosen’t affect real life segments or count thourds the challenges… so why are they no longer registerd in the weekly goal? i don’t understand the guys over at strava… :frowning:

(Paul Allen) #5

It’s a glitch, go to Strava click on your goals and select edit and resave them. 

(Badea Cristi) #6

For this week its ok now… but the past ones still not showing up on my phone… :frowning:

(Paul Allen) #7

logging out of Strava and logging back in. All the ride info is still there.

(Badea Cristi) #8

edit saved one workout from each week… worked for me…  

(Scott) #9

Hi guys - as has been reported elsewhere, Strava is aware of the issue and has a fix which hopefully will be deployed today. The good news is that all of your data is in tact. Stay tuned.