Hey Strava guys, ever thougth of giving Zwifters their own challanges?

Hello Strava, I love your Software and I love Zwift. I am doing a lot of Training at the moment on Zwift and it is a bit frustrating to not to have a contribution on challanges. I see the point why you did it, but I would love some challanges like the Climbing or how much, how long whatever challange for Zwift riders. Is there any thought on that?


Kind regards


All you need to do is retag your Strava ride as “cycling” versus “virtual ride” and it will count towards your distance challenges. 

Easy peasy.  Go to Strava, click on your ride, click “edit” (the little pencil) then change the option in the drop-down that presently says “virtual ride”.


You cannot change your rides from virtual to cycling, it will just revert back.

You need to bring this to Strava’s attention just like others have and maybe they will change their settings.

Thanks guys. I would not want to count against my real world challenges but rather have virtual ones for zwift only. Zwift is it’s own world and deserves it’s own challenges. Thought Zwifters see that the same. I will open a Ticket at Strava. 

Hmm.  Hadn’t noticed that it reverts back after some time.  This means Strava intentionally codes it that way.  Sorry. 

Doubt Strava is going to bother putting the man-hours in to build an entirely separate set of challenges, though. It’s not like they just push a button to make it happen. 

Maybe post in the Strava support area?

Maybe that Zwift and Strava can also get together and make some specific  Strava Zwift challenges.  Might be fun as well (can see potential for Zpower V Smart trainer debate)

From what I understand, early on some (if not all) of the Zwift rides were counted for regular challenges automatically.  That resulted in an uproar from the “real cyclists” that felt that their toes were being stepped on.

So why not just use software to bypass Strava & upload the ride as a non indoor ride.  Having done some tough rides on Zwift, & currently riding 300 + kms weekly on the road, I don’t feel that my virtual rides are any easier than the bitumen equivalent.  Often in fact, I push even harder on the trainer.