Indoor Exercise App Reviews

Good day,
I wish to put something on the table regarding subscriptions.
There are quite a few inter-app reviews on the net comparing one app with the other. Fulgaz and Zwift totgether with Rouvy and RGT to mention just a few.
It gets rather difficult to make a choice, which one to choose.
One aspect is subscriptions. Fulgaz allows you to subscribe monthly as well as annually. You also receive a bit of a discount when choosing to pay once a year.
This choice would be an added benefit if one has to choose between aps, like in my case now.

Many riders only use indoor training apps only when they (we) don’t want to go outside during winter or for some other reason. This makes the yearly discount unattractive.

If it doesn’t affect you, because you only pay for subscriptions for say 7 months of the year, why would it make a discount received by others unattractive?

Surely it would still be a little bit “attractive” if there was only a marginal increase to have the subscription for 12 months rather than 7. Just for those mornings when you want to ride but it’s peeing down with rain…

I surely wouldn’t mind if there was an option. But I wouldn’t use it. I still rather pay 7 months compared to 10, if I only use it for 7 months.