Indicate how many minutes until start of route for robopacers on main screen on

I know you can see where the robopacers are on the map after clicking on them, but it would be better if on the main screen where you can see all the different robopacer it simply had a “Time to start of route” indicator. For those of us looking to join a robopacer to complete new routes this would save time clicking through all of them. I’m not saying to remove the on map indicator, just suggesting to add the Time to start of route" on the main selection screen.

Thanks for a great game. Ride on!

Pretty safe to say that will never be possible; and only a very rough guesstimate at best is the only thing that could be predicted, but probably not worth the efforts.

Group drafting is constantly changing as people come in and out, and now that pace partners don’t even have consistent power outputs, nothing is stable.

The longest predictive time we’ve ever received is with the new climbing portals, which is nice; we don’t even get that with Venn or ADZ (although I wish we did).

But as you can imagine, they’re all over the place all the time, until you get down to the final bits.

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