Option to show route eta for the entire route


Could a toggle be added to the settings menu to keep my route/segment/sprint eta on screen for the whole duration?

At the moment, for example, on the climb last night my eta became visible with about 1.5 miles left to go.



This is a good idea. But I think it is hard to predict your ETA so far out to many variables.

I hate eta’s. It’s like seeing a rest area sign on the highway when you have to pee. Knowing that it’s about to be over makes it hurt so much more.

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Haha, I get what you’re saying! For me though when I miss out on the best time by a couple of seconds I always think I wish I’d pushed harder a little earlier!


I know that feeling all too well. I missed a pr on a 3000 foot climb by under a minute, and a pr on a 12K run by 15 seconds. Gutted.

Make sure you vote for the other similar requests, like the Personal Best Bot.


This! +1

Thanks, yeah I really like the personal best bot idea, although that was raised over 4 years ago and hasn’t been implemented yet?

Zwift is aware of the community’s interest in the best bot idea and, per John Mayfield in the latest Zwiftcast podcast, is planning to implement it zoon.