How to get pacer at start of lap

Looking to do a long ride tomorrow but wanting to start the route with the pacer, is there a way to meet them at the start?

No easy way. If you’re flexible on start time, you could jump in to find out where they are on the route, and then try to estimate when they’ll be near to the route start. Of keep popping back in every so often to see where they are.

EDIT: No easy way except for the one that @Otto_Destruct posted below that I never even noticed and didn’t know existed, lol.

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Tom got it.

I’d add: on the off chance you haven’t seen it, if you click on the Robopacer on the home screen, it’ll show the route, as well as where the pacer is on the route.

In the screen cap below, pacer is circled in red, start point in green.

The while line is dynamic and traces the entire route so you can see where the pacer is along it. (this can get confusing when the route goes over the same road more than once - you have to exit the map and reenter it to see where the pacer has moved)


Really? I’ve never noticed that.


Relatively new I think. (which might mean last winter…maybe the roll-out of the new UI?)

I think it’s just that I didn’t notice it. I just checked it out, and to be fair, it doesn’t move as you’re looking at it (as you point out), so it’s not super obvious that the grey dot is the pacer. How often do you think about riding with a pacer and click on the map multiple times?

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I used that function when I did the 25-lap Volcano Badge. I waited until the PP was almost at the start point then let it catch up with me so I could keep in the blob. I stopped after 16 or so laps for a break, then started pedalling slowly until the PP caught me again.

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