Increase baseline resistance

This isnt true at all. If they are geared correctly they can absolutely have the same gear to tire ratios.

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Well, you have a 42x11, I have a 32x11. No way I can go at 50-60km at 80RPM in real life. At least with that workaround it works.

I apologize, i re-read your post and get it now. Yes, a 26” mountain bike is going to have different resistance to a 29” mountain bike if the wheel size is not taken into consideration, which by default, is the case.

No problem, we just trying to help people here. I’m glad it’s working for you. Hopefully, Zwift will come up with a slider or something at some point to set it in their software.

It is the same as IRL, if you go to a road race with a MTB you will be slower than the road bikes.

But when I had my MTB on the trainer I change my front chainring to 56.

Well yes, but we’re talking about Zwift here where the entire idea is that it is not IRL aside from measuring your power output.

I understand your concern, I may have been the first one on the forum asking for more base resistance. LOL

This update just came through and it seems to have fixed the issue for me

Sorry if I’m being stupid or haven’t read things correctly, but is this thread relevant to people who don’t have a big enough big ring on the road side of things.

When I ride on zwift, I can only ride in my biggest gear; any less than that and I can’t hit anywhere near my maximum power output.

I am a larger rider (84kgs) and the ridiculous thing is that actually I perform ‘better’ going uphill than I do on the flats, because when I go uphill at least I have increased resistance to ‘push’ against, if that makes sense.

On the flats, I’m spinning at a decent cadence but just can’t reach maximum power.

In any given zwift race, I keep the chain in the biggest gear and it doesn’t move from that gear the entire time.

Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @B_Bridges

Yes a bigger gear on the bike will have your wheel (trainer) rotate faster that will increase the resistance.

MTB’s also spin out when you ride with Road bikes on the road.

Very off topic, but, I’m sure it is not beyond the wit of man to invent a chainring that wraps around a smaller chainring to make it bigger.

No need to swap you 42T chainring out, just clamp the attachment on and it becomes a 52T ring. chain length would be dodgy but if you want to add gearing you won’t want to be using the biggest sprocket anyway.

Hello, yes there is a workaround. Check posts above.
If you’re using wahoo, enter zwift ride, open wahoo app, open training screens, set headwind to, lets say 30km/h, wait for resistance impact, close the wahoo app.

Bigger resistance should stay until you finish your ride in zwift, while zwift will still be able to manage your trainer resistance based on zwift road(descents uphills dust etc.), just the base resistance will be much higher because of the headwind setting.

I know I’ve said this before, but I definitely do not spin out on the road - quite the opposite. I can barely turn my biggest gear on a flat road, but on Zwift it’s my only option. I don’t think my gears are abnormal; yes, biased towards climbing, but that’s the lowest gear, not the highest!