Incorrect category? How do I change?


I am new to Zwift and loving it.
I am 47, 94kg and an ex BMX racer, so have some experience of bike racing, so dived straight into the races with my newly acquired Tacx Blue Motion trainer.

I entered some as D, got flagged, then some as C, got flagged, then some as B and was nearly winning races in shorter time trials. I appreciate that a ‘dumb’ trainer might not be the best but there were no others available. Most of my races were at around 3.5w/kg.

Last week I got a new Wahoo Kickr snap and my average has dropped to about 2.5w/kg. I am languishing right at the back of Cat B and obviously in the wrong cat.

Either my new setup is wrong (I have watched all the setup videos so hopefully not), my old trainer was WAY out, or a bit of both?

My son is 12 and after 1 week was number 1 in the world in his weight category. He is VERY athletic so I expected him to be good, but not that good. I think he needs to drop down to Cat B.

I have seen that the best 3 places in 90 days are taken for the cat level. If thats the case does that mean I have to stay in the wrong cat for another 2.5 months?

E-mail with links to your ZP accounts … and be patient.

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Thanks. I did yesterday and hoped there would have been a reply by now. I will be patient.

I use a kickr snap, and had no ends of problems with the data. The stronger I got the more the power output was exaggerated…in the end i hot flagged and bought (well my partner bought me after I moped about) a 4iii single crank power meter…I can now see my power was upto 54% higher when just on the snap. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news although I went from top 200 world wide so I did suspect something. What’s frustrating is that for me the kickr snap was a massive outlay, I struggled that a c£500 device wasn’t good enough but there we go!!!

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For me its been the other way. I suspected the Tacx was giving readings better than it should but this is way down.

I have done a lot of reading this morning and will try advance spindown etc

That definately Important, I think the forums and others, will tell you (sometimes rather abrubtly) it’s Important to recognise the inaccuracies of wheel on trainers regardless of how well set up…

Good luck!

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I’m going through this now too. I’ve only been using the kickr snap for a couple of months. I am a total noob to all things cycling. Did the sufferfest full frontal test and got a ftp well over 300, and even hit 2000 watts on a couple of rides. I thought it was great fun, and figured it’d be fun to compete in races without realizing that my numbers were fake. I ended up winning a bunch. It’s such a fun feeling, and i feel like I was able to sustain my efforts longer than I normally would’ve because i was competing at such a high level…such a rush!

I knew my numbers were off, so I used my brother’s tacx yesterday to see how they’d compare…way off! My avg power went from 322 on the snap to 172 on the tacx for similar rides. The uphill sections were way harder, my sprints all came up a little bit short, and I got dropped by every group. Total night and day experience.

Let’s just start a league for kickr snap users only.

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