In game oddity and zwiftpower live oddity

In game oddity

Tonights race saw my avatar doing an odd pedalling rhythm (not freewheeling but close) in exactly the same place each lap (6 laps of queens highway) for about ten seconds each lap. My power reading looked normal, no drop off or massive increase but I seemed to be just cruising along. This was odd and I feel it may be linked to the following ZP oddity. Im using my Quarq PM for power on a Tacx Flux as controller only.

Zwift Power Live oddity

So the last two races I have done, around 5 mins into each race when I actually felt calm enough to look at the zwift power live data I have noticed my NP bar fully red with a very low live avg. (im not surging and recovering) I know this isn’t right as i’m also keeping an eye on my garmin and avg is pretty normal. (not looking at NP on garmin). It never settled for the whole race/s. Once Zwiftpower resolved to raw data it was as normal. Which is good, and my power curve showed no drop offs (other than a few freewheeling instances I did on purpose).

At the end of the day my final data looked fine but I’m wondering what’s going on here. I use live quite a lot and it isn’t a good guide when its making me look like I’m cruising at 1.5wkg less than the guys I’m with and NP variabilty full red!

PM battery full
No obvious BT dropouts
No obvious wifi dropouts

I hope that makes sense