In game messages and ride ons

Agree. I know it took me a few rides to figure it out!

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still wish this wasn’t closed @Otto_Destruct


100% agree

The companion app hasn’t changed in form or functionality in as long as I have been on zwift (aside from adding the workout screen thousands of years ago now).

It is in desperate need of updating.
It could solve the gradient graph disaster in game by having it on the companion app - it doesn’t even give you the current gradient anywhere - not even a number!
The dashboard is a pointless waste of time and people have asked for customisation since time began.

Rant over


Rant warranted. Please god kill the voice-spam buttons, Zwift!

Because its paired with other problems like the lack of customisation of which sounds you want to hear (there’s only two “channels” covering everything from vocal ride-ons, to tyre noise, to babbling streams) as well as the inability to tell who triggered a specific vocal in-game sound, it means that if people sit and spam “ride on” then (a) you can’t tell who is doing it and report them and (b) you can’t remove the sound without silencing the entire game. Its absurd.

The fact that:

  1. When you get a ride on you see a thumb above you; and
  2. There is a thumb button in the companion app, but
  3. Clicking on the thumb button doesn’t give out ride ons but
  4. Clicking on a round white circle does

is honestly like something out of a Benny Hill sketch. Its surely some kind of practical joke its so abstruse, its farcical.


I also have no idea why i need to know someone else got a ride on? just adds an annoying thing to my screen and an annoying noise (if you have sound on which i’d guess 95% of people don’t)

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Agreed Chris. I’d also just like to turn off display off the ride on “thumbs up” (plus the noise) if I choose to, especially when in workout mode and not wanting distractions.

Hey Dave this is off topic
Say I pick a route in a world and it’s 35 miles but I take alternate routes that give me that option. I complete the miles but I don’t complete the route. I don’t get credit for completing the route? And is there a benefits for completing the route thank you so much Joseph Grenier.

No, you have to do the actual route (for example you could pick the alpe and just do a flat 11 miles and get credit which would be wrong)

you get an XP bonus the first time you complete the route dependant on the course length but after that there is no benefit to completing the route or not.

and don’t forget the route badge, super amazing!

oh yeah, those badges are what I live for!

Thank you
So when options are available, to turn just go where the indicators take me!! thank you again Joseph Greer

yeah, just on the first time then you can steer off if you like, it is good to explore :slight_smile:

Ok thanks the explanation in me takes over
I’m in the getting that Tron bike I’m always climbing. I kind of don’t know what I’m doing just winging it ha ha.

Sorry I meant exploration

Just to be clear, once you select a route, you don’t need to select anything.

FYI - I’ve bumped the feature request for removing the vocal ride on buttons since it came up in discussion here again:

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Sweet , thanks brother I appreciate everything having a blast :boom: I just now need to know when NOT to ride I’ve hitting it hard climbing I need rest to get stronger
Ha ha

What are these ‘rest days’ you speak of? -Recovering Triathlete

Hi tom
I’ve been riding every day climbing hard manage to get up Mt. Everest in 6 climbs approximately
At age 66 I feel it’s time to rest. I don’t have a coach and very little experience. Listening to my body is probably the most valuable insight. So I’m going to find articles and videos to help explain training. I would love to get my Power numbers evaluated and where I stand power wise, Can you do that? Listen have a great holiday season. Get back to me at your convenience.
Sincerely, ride on
Jody g

I am amazed to discover Zwift is prude about language now, given there’s a language filter in the settings. That’s most of Scotland shadow-banned immediately.

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