Implement A+ Category

Is it time to officially implement the A+ Category. Looking at the SRAM Send It Series today, the A+'s absolutely crushed it. Amazing to watch and unbelievable athletes. Zpower has them as A+, I think it;s time we either changed the w’kg cat limits or officially implemented the A+ Cat in game.

In the latest Zwiftcast, the Co-founder interviewed did mention that the categorisation of riders is being looked at.
The long term goal being not needing Zwiftpower to be the go to source of categorisation and results.
Timeframe is the usual Zoon.

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Not only Co-founder - Creator of Zwift - The one and only Jon Mayfield.

Most events stopped using separate pens so there is no real point of different Categories. :rage:

this will only be relevant when Zwift auto assign race categories. Jon mentioned that they are working on it.

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Most of the events I do are single cat starts…much prefer these than the silly mass starts.

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