I'm under 16 and my subscription cancels in two months

I’m under 16 my kids subscription cancels in a few months and I turn 15 in a few days. Any thoughts on how to renew it because I should still be able to ride for free as I’m under 16, right?

Your parent needs to renew it, not really sure what the process is. @Oliver_ZRace_Central can chime in?

Hi Wade,

You are still eligible to renew your kids accounts. It is probably best to renew ~a month before your account expires to give Zwift time to reply and get it renewed. Since it is peak Zwift season, Zwift may take a bit longer to reply to the request, but the turnaround time should be ~2 weeks at most. All you have to do to renew the account is have your parents fill out this form: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App. Note: if your parents recognize this form, it’s because it is the same one that is used to register for an account. It just needs to be filled out every year to renew the account.