If i enter data into input box and click outside it, it's cleared

(David Musicant) #1

clicking (with your dinner) outside an input box, even clicking into the next input box, will clear it. That’s a non-standard behavior.

(Vincent W.) #2

Yeah this is an issue the dev team is currently investigating. Thanks for letting us know about your experience! Feel free to check out the Known Issues thread to see if how your game is reacting is similar to an issue on that list. 

(Team Bunya) #3

A particular case of this had me very frustrated trying to logon for the first time. Type userid/email and click in password field and lose the userid. Same in the reverse order. This was compounded by the enter key being labelled SEND which discouraged me from using it to move to the new field. Eventually I did use that and it worked. 

Samsung Tab S2

Zwift 1.0.28988