IC4 with Android

Hi there… recently purchased an IC4 but am unable to connect via Bluetooth to my Samsung phone. I have been able to connect to other apps without issues. My phone is an S10+ but wondering if there are any android devices, phone or tablet that anyone has had success pairing with the IC4 / zwift combo.


Hi, the Zwift app needs permission to use location on your phone but not only that, you must pick “only when the app is running” and not “always.”

This may resolve the issue

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Stuart is the best! Thank you so much! This has worked. Can I send you a case of beer?


My pleasure Ryan.

I’m teetotal so you keep that beer and enjoy it after your next ride.

Ride On!

+1000 Thanks Stuart! Was extremely frustrating trying to troubleshoot my new IC4. After several hours of research, I finally stumbled upon the fix here! Connected to my Pixel 5 instantaneously. Just finished my first 25 min ride at nearly 2:30am. Yep, should be asleep, but fighting this damn machine all night and was beyond determined to get it to work.

My pleasure Domenick.

It seems to be that Google have made some changes with permissions that affect the latest version of Android and thus Zwift.

Thankfully the above seems to resolve nearly all the issues.

Can’t beat an early hours ride although I’d not make a habit of it.

Ride On!