Android to zwift

So confused.

Can my life fitness IC5 connect to zwift??

I have an android that has ant+ (Samsung galaxy H10 PLUS).

I can’t seem to get it to work…but don’t see why it’s not working.

Helo please!!! Thank you!

Zwift on mobile devices is Bluetooth only, it does not matter if your devices has built in ANT+ Zwift is Bluetooth only on Androids and iPhones.

You would need to bridge the connection using 4iiii Viiiiva or CABLE to get the ANT+ signal to Zwift.

I just ordered the IC6, did you get it to work?

No, ibhavtn figured it out.

I just use the icg workouts from there apps. I’d like to do zwift but got fed up researching how to do it…so as of now I am zwiftless.

Of you figure it out, let me know! Thanks and enjoy the bike. I’m loving the IC5.

Thanks - this is is why I logged in, to see if this was still an issue. I saw stuff from 2018 and thought maybe there was an update, but it seems not. I am new to indoor training and trying out the different platforms.

FWIW, the Android app Rouvy is pretty cool and it definitely does support ANT+ for Android. My Google Pixel 3a XL w/ANT+ dongle works perfectly.

I might do Zwift with my laptop, but for now Rouvy with my phone is more convenient, and supports my HR strap (and it’s cheaper).

Happy riding to all!

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