I3 core processor

hello there boys&girls,

would be very nice to have your IT opinion on the following issue:

here old school zwifter, level 47 and 22000kms done,difficult level always at 100%

i’m zwifting now on a phone screen Xiaomi 11Pro T 6,67" screen on landscape mode,Trainer is Wahoo Kickr V.5 the latest model, Xiaomi has an Octa Core 3mghz processor with 8GB Ram

on the Xiaomi Zwift runs very very smoothly, with Sim mode working perfectly, -5% feels really like -5% and +5% is hard as it must be

but when i Zwift on a Asus pc which has I3 core with 8GB ram and clock up to 3ghz,
everything feels totally different,not smoothly at all and even +1% feels like +3% or +4%, there is no flowing at all everything feels like forcing the pedal stroke
i have had before an HP EliteBook with I7 core and all felt very ok

could this be because I3 Core is not enough to fully handle Zwift and it would require I7 or even higher???

if you would be kind of enough to post your opinions,that would very kind

thanks 2all.

I don’t know how the “feeling” bit goes, but drop your log file into Zwiftalizer and see if you see anything strange:

That said, and i3 should be good enough. What GPU are you using? More detailed specs would be useful in possibly helping you.

Totally depends what exact model of i3 it is; 3.0GHz suggests old/weak/mobile. Just going to ‘an i7’ doesn’t mean anything, again it depends on the model.

For reference, most desktop 4th generation i3 CPUs can provide a very similar experience to Apple TV 4K in terms of graphics and frame rate/perceived smoothness. They are readily available for £8 in the UK.


thanks your mail
the i3 core seems to be according
the Asus specs 11th generation…

my regards


the i3 is of 11th generation
according the Asus specs

will look on the gpu and revert

my brgds

So that should be fine in terms of performance, but it’s worth noting that there are stability issues with Zwift on 10th and 11th gen integrated graphics. There’s a couple of long threads discussing it on this forum. It’s possible to work around the problem on Windows 10, but not Windows 11.

That aside, make sure the PC is in high power/performance modes and plugged into the mains (assuming it’s a laptop).


can’t find the GPU on the Asus specs
but it’s an 11th generation Core i3-1115G4 @3.00Ghz

it sounds like one of the latest i3

pleased to hear your opinion



thanks your support,what i have been reading on the i3-1115G4 is that is a lower-middle range cpu suitable for day-day tasks but not
good enough for high end games like Zwift,the main issue i find when zwifting with it compared with the Octa-Quore on my 6,67" screen Xiaomi is the smoothness, the game runs perfectly fine on the Xiaomi but not on the pc where is constantly the feeling on sim mode that even +1% feels like +5%,the road feeling with the i3 is quite none.

Sounds totally like a connection problem of your kickr to the PC. What kind of/ generation of Bluetooth are you using? Or is it via ANT+?


thanks your mail,
the Kickr is the latest version
V5… don’t exactly know the Bluetooth version on the Asus but it should be the latest Intel Ble version

on the Xiaomi it has Ble 5.2 or even
higher and with the phone it works perfectly,with the Asus Zwift works totally ok,only there is no flowing or smoothness on the pedaling

the sim mode is constantly very hard
even at +1% but on the Xiaomi sim is exactly as it shows

it might indeed come from the ble

my regards


just rechecked the situation and indeed is an ble connection issue

when using the Xiaomi, like moments ago, by opening the Android Zwift app
the Kickr is fully connected and on the
power, cad and controllable boxes besides the Kickr serial number and the ble icon u can see the green signal bars how strong the ble connection is

i use as well Garmin Fenix 6Pro in Virtual mode so that transmits the HR
directly from the wrist to Zwift,which works totally,and in the heart rate Zwift box u can see the green bars how strong ble is

but when using the Asus pc,the Kickr reads connected and the ble icon is there but there are not the green bars

that means the Kickr is not full connected

on the pc Zwift heart rate box the garmin is connected and u can see the green bars

so what could be the solution for the asus pc?? and exterior Bluetooth connection via usb to the pc like ble 5.1,they cost about 20e

or an ant+ dongle which i’am afraid could be the best solution

would be very nice to hear your opinion

my best regards.

I think try the ant+ dongle.

When gradients don’t feel right it is usually something with the Bluetooth connection.

I am using Bluetooth with my PC setup and have no problems. It actually works better for me (reacts faster etc…) than ANT+ which I have used before.
But I may seem lucky, because I heard many horrorstorys regarding the failure of using BLE and Windows.

If you can try both BLE and ANT+ dongles…

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thanks your support

difficult to find here ant+ dongle
as everybody has moved to ble

i will buy tomorrow from the shop
where i took the Asus an Asus own ble 5.0 usb

on the Asus itself there is installed
Intel own ble and might be the reason
the Kickr does not want to work fully with it

on the Xiaomi there is ble 5.2 i assume and everything works perfectly

will let u know how it went

my best regards

BLE tips:

  • Turn BLE off on your phone to make sure it is not interfering with the Kickr pairing to your PC.
  • How far is the PC from your Kickr? Can you move it closer to see if that improves the situation?

As for ANT+, I would recommend a USB extension cable so that you may place the dongle closer to the Kickr (e.g., under the kickr)

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thanks your support
the bt on the phone is closed
the pc is less than 1m from the Kickr and i have no ant+

Did you try putting the log file into Zwiftalizer? See post up above. It will show you if you’re having Bluetooth dropouts among other things.


thanks your support

no i did not do that, i don’t have dropouts,its just the kickr does not connect with Zwift via win 11

the Kickr appears via bt on the Zwift boxes with the bt logo but there are no green connection bars and the sim mode actually does not work properly

maybe the issue is that i3 core cpu is not enough for zwift even if i have 8gm ram

according the Zwift optimal requirement is i7 or greater

i had before hp elitebook with i7 core
and Zwift worked perfectly

as well i can’t pair the Kickr with the asus pc itself

and it seems there are a lot of people
who is having the same problem with kickr/win 11

my best regards

The CPUs mentioned are with reference to performance of Zwift as a 3D video game, not connection reliability to your trainer etc. They’re completely unrelated.


the main issue seems to be that i just can’t connect the Kickr to my asus pc via bt… asus is running win 11 and for what i have been reading a lot of people are having the same problem.

my best regards