I3 core processor

What I’m saying is that it’s nothing to do with your CPU. :+1:

Same here. Bluetooth is much better for me.

yes i belive u.

If BT works on all other devices, then it is Asus and their implementation. If the laptop uses a card, usually a wifi/BT combo card, then you can usually get a another for a nominal cost and change it out. If it is soldered in…all you can really do is hunt for alternative drivers.

If it is Intel supplied, go straight to Intel for the drivers and overwrite the ASUS driver: Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

If Killer BT, I would assume Killer would have their own drivers. You can go into Device Manager and most likely see what card it is. Or check your ASUS build sheet.

If all that fails, return the ASUS, wait for new drivers, or switch to ANT+. Maybe even try a BT dongle.


very kind of yours with all he support

as i checked the asus uses Intel Bluetooth

dont know if its welded or not

yesterday bought an asus usb bt 5.0
and did installed

situation the same,could not pair it with the Kickr and on Zwift it showed the Kickr on the connection boxes of Zwift (power, cadence, controllable)

but without the green signals bars
like u have when using android or
ios devices

when i Zwift with the Xiaomi phone
u can see on the Zwift boxes before
gaming how strong the bt signal is

i had sometime ago an wattbike
on rent and had the same issue with
an HP elitebook i7, the sim mode did not work

with the Asus the sim mode works
but not properly, the gradients are
not correct

with the Xiaomi using android
the gradients work 120%

i will look at the drivers thing u mentioned

see attached photos of the connection via bt with the Asus and Zwift

i have written to wahoo and they are
looking into it

we keep in touch

my best regards


I still think it is the laptop.

  1. Intel driver
  2. Check BT connections in Windows…make sure the Kickr is not pairing directly to the laptop. If it is, disconnect.
  3. Check Device Manager and make sure no yellow “!” signaling an issue.

I would offer to try BT myself but I have a Saris H3, Lenovo…and I dislike BT for the same issues you are having. The only think I like for BT are speakers and earbuds. For some reason they have figured it out.

gool luck, chris

Are you sure, you are trying to connect to be new BT dongle and not still to the built in BT of your PC?

Go to the BIOS of your PC and disable the built in BT first. Then you are sure that you are using the new dongle to connect.


so followed your intel drivers link and updated the BT driver,
tried zwift and it feels like the gradients have improved

still i can’t pair the asus with the Kickr via BT
don’t understand why

will keep trying

we keep in touch

my best regards

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zwifted for a moment on the pc and it really feels hard
no smoothness at all,line pedalling on sand

nothing compared to zwift on the xiaomi phone which has
a snapdragon 850 and is built for gaming

i think it’s all because the Asus i have is a budget pc not
made for gaming and to handle high end games like zwift

if u look at the zwift pages and the requirements on hardware for zwift
it says “minimal” i3 core “optimal” i7

i’m planning to get the latest ipad from 2021 10,9"
with 64gb of 128gb

they are not very expensive,abt 399e and they have A13 Bionic processor
which is one of the most advanced available

let’s see

my best regards

Edit : removed personal info again.

What model ASUS??

i3 is insufficient information.

The hardware specs of the device running the game have absolutely no bearing on resistance control. This is a configuration issue, you DO NOT need to buy something new and/or more powerful.

so what do u suggest Dave, i don’t want to use ant+… i’m thinking as well to get an hdmi adapter for 29e and connect the phone to my 32" tv and problem is solved,the pc stays for daily uses.

Hi @RN_Daimoku

Why don’t you want to use ANT+ I have seen a lot less issues on PC with ANT+ vs Bluetooth.

We used this PC as a second Zwift Setup and it ran with no issues. This is a lot lower spec pc than the I3.


thanks your support
i will think about an ant+

my kind regards

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