I would gladly pay for zwift running if?

  1. If I could filter away bikes. I don’t need to see people biking. It makes it lagging and dangerous on treadmill when too many bikes.
  2. If i had a lap/ split function
  3. If I could make my own custom workouts. Level in build in is simply too low.

If this 3 demands was in place zwift would even do for high level training, at least for the winter and quality indoor training.


There is a mile split that comes up on the left side of the screen after you get a mile in. I’ve been able to customize my own workouts as well.

Possible filter-out bikes options:

  1. Run on the May Field track
  2. Run on the Jungle Loop - most cyclists are avoiding these days due to the rolling resistance changes. You’ll still see cyclists, just not a lot of them.

Also this one is runners only.



Oh, yeah! I forgot that there are runner-specific trails.


Run on runner-only routes. Disconnect your network once you start running. Two options that work.

Use a running watch, do what you want on it. Use the km (or mile, depending on your settings) splits that come standard on Zwift. Another 2 options.

I ignore Zwift workouts and use mine on my Garmin watch (which is actually more accurate than the Zwift footpod anyway). Sorry, only one solution there.

How does it make it dangerous?


I am surprised the presence of cyclists creates issues with the software. My wife runs on Zwift using a crappy old, pretty low spec laptop and has zero issues with lagging. Not to mention, as Daren has already said … how does any lag in Zwift make your treadmill running dangerous?

I talk about manuel splits

But this is software where it should be easy making a filter. If I could filter out bikes i real life I would do as well

If you dont know, you just need a bigger monitor and go faster. This is software, bikes are annoying. If I could filter them out in real life i would.

as i said. bikes are annoying. I got 65 inch in front and doing fast running with 100’s bikes parsing by is really crap in long workous. This is software and it should be an easy task to filter out the bikes as an option

Why are you using zwift at all?. This is software and ajustable. You can also filter out the gamesound, right?. Makes it working with teams inside zwift as well.
Not having a manuel lap/split is really is for joggers only.

Annoying maybe, I can see that. I don’t get dangerous though. Maybe you mean something else.

Anyway, some ways of not seeing bikes (or anyone) have been suggested. They’ll be worth trying in the short term. Another might be doing running events where non-competitors are hidden.

I think hiding another type of Zwifter runs contrary to the core mission as a social platform though.


yesterday i did 24 km progression. I properly choose a wrong place, but about 500bikes was on the the route(somewhere new york. It was a group event so i could not just jump out for another route). No problem in the warmup, but going 17-18km/h+ and the monitor(65inch) start gliding around the body follows the monitor and not the treadmill. Going fast on a treadmill for longer runs Zwift is amazing, but yesterday it was really annoying with the bikes. I is sort of dangerous when you going fast on a treadmill and drop;). Having an option, flagging off the bikes would be a cool feature my believe. I really dont care about biking.

Good question. Pure distraction - my use of treadmills is mostly limited to hotels during business travel, and anything that can make those less boring is welcome.

I also use Zwift (mostly) for cycling.

This made me smile. Yeah, it’s software, anything can be changed. But Zwift is loaded with weird code (try changing your mind as to which route you want to do, you’ll get a good example), and they thought making Richmond prettier was more important. Go figure.

In short: better learn some workarounds than hope for software changes. The former is under your control and will happen, the latter is out of your control and probably won’t happen.

even in the virtual world we can’t share the road… :man_facepalming:


You could use the World Tag Hack so you would see less cyclist.


that actually looks funny to play around with, Did you try it yourself?