I passed a few milestones recently

Ok - this may be a kind of humble brag but I passed a few milestones so thought I’d post them here and maybe others could share theirs?

this morning I racked up my 14,000,000th drop point (I haven’t ever spent any!)
I have done over 70 days worth of riding
and now over 36,000 miles (36,197 to be exact which is over 58,000 km)

anyone hit any milestones of their own recently?

That is a lot of riding @Chris_Holton.

Imagine if you had to do that on the trainer staring at power graphs or watching TV. Zwift has opened up a whole new world.

I thought I had some good numbers but you are way ahead of me. This morning I exceeded the 10,000,000 drops mark.


In a couple of months I should reach max levels in both Biking and Running.

Congrats @Chris_Holton on the big miles and spend some of those drops.


Ironic OP, that you bring this subject up.

I just completed my second vCentury (101 miles) in Zwift on Sunday, but this time with over 8,300 feet of climbing. Didn’t sandbag it either with 89 achievements.

Hey, when you can’t race in RL life anymore due to injury what do you do?

Answer: Crazy endurance challenges lol.

Sitting at over just 3 million drops atm. Pathetic next to what you’ve racked up. Anyway, no reason to spend them until I can buy the setup which is faster than the Tron bike. Still have some levels to go.

Thinking about trying, key word, “try,” to do something even “crazier” in Zwift two weeks or so from now, but want to keep the lid on it for now if things don’t work out.

Congrats to each of your personal accomplishments as well.


oh I did plenty of that before zwift existed :smile:


my running stats are slightly less impressive - 4 miles!! haha


I predict a vEveresting attempt! Go for it!!!


you’ll have to let us know what it is an when it is happening - i’ll make sure to log in and give you a ride on :slight_smile:

I think my next challenge is to set up all my trainers and see how many different trainers I can use in one ride - should be able to get 6 unless I add to my collection!


O yes, I did the same. I was amature racing and the only safe place to train was in the gym or on my indoor trainer. Watching the full Lord of the rings trilogy on the trainer sound more exciting than it is. At one point I build a game controller into my bike so that I could play need for speed while riding (I had steering before Zwift :slight_smile: ), but without ERG it was mostly just playing games in Zone 1.

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haha - yeah I’m the same - I find unless it’s just music I tend not to concentrate on the training if i’m watching/playing something


Heh, yeah, you guys got me. All the climbing practice readily gives it away. vEveresting is what I’m thinking of attempting on Feb 29th.

Easy to say, hard to do with TD at 100% even running a 11sp 50/34 11/34. Just set that up less than a week ago to get used to it. The wide ratio is horrible on the flats fwiw and will be going back to a 52/36 11/28 in March to be sure.

Anyway, I’ve got it in my head I want to earn the right to wear the “Hells 500” Grey stripe jersey.

In a seriously bad, borderline obsessive way.

16ish hours doing the Epic KOM forward 22 times in a single ride makes that vCentury look like child’s play though; don’t have the raw power, never will again, to go up the Alpe 8.5 times at 100%.

Chris, you’ve got 6 trainers? Insane in a humorous way lol. What possessed you to purchase so many? Just two Kickr’s here, the original and the 18’. Almost bought the Neo second time round, but I wanted to check out the new Wahoo Climb. On the flip side, few people could ever duplicate that challenge if you proceed with it!

Gerrie, you’re right. Without the right mental input, indoor riding is torture. If I couldn’t use Zwift, there is a good chance I’d have hung up my clipless pedals and hate life. I can’t be the only one. Really, really, don’t like riding around cars/trucks/etc anymore.

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I can’t claim to have hit any milestones lately. I’ve had quite a lot of forced and unforced breaks from Zwift, so even after more than 4 years, I still haven’t hit level 30.

I’m close though!




Good luck! Tried it once myself. Unfinished business…


Giving myself 1 chance in 3 to succeed at the moment; it goes well beyond raw endurance into the land of sheer mental fortitude.

You probably already know this Daren, but do the long routes for the extra exp; it helps greatly on those longer 20,000 exp levels like 29. Literally just hit 30 on my last ride using this “trick” to speed things along.

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Did you see this. A bit late.

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Impressive stats Chris. Keep going and I’ll try to catch you up. :slightly_smiling_face:
A big ride on from me


Haha, weird timing today.

Yeah, I can’t do the Alpe 8.5 times at 100%. My metal infused leg would fall off. Have to use a longer but less steep route. The epic KOM probably; that I might be able to work though.

Man, would be nice to have some virtual support like they do though. This challenge, vEveresting, is once you can ride 6-8 hours in RL without dying, is all in your head. Well, Z1-Z2 which is hard to hold oneself at for so long, with one seriously great food and drink intake plan too.

Thanks for the thought though Gerrie.

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Few small milestones recently … 3,000 total miles, level 26, nothing compared to the OP really, and the one I really wanted eluded me.

First trip up the Alpe was January 2019 and took 1 hour and 44 minutes. Attempts 2 and 3 also during 2019 were 1 hour and 28 and 1 hour and 22 minutes respectively. Two weeks ago, I just missed out on completing it within the hour … 1 hour, 1 minute, 51 seconds. Bummer!


Talking about milestones?

Today is my 5th year anniversary on the Zwift Forum.



Ride every kilometer on Watopia? Like Four Horseman followed by Sands and Sequoias
Finish a race on every world on the same day? All 8…