Good Progress?

It’s my Zwift 1 year anniversary, basically, and I’m curious about my progress.

Last Dec 12th, on my birthday, I was 220lbs, unfit and wanted to use indoor cycling on Zwift to change things.

I started out on a Schwinn IC4 and was just pathetically weak. Could barely maintain 1 w/kg.

A few weeks later I bought a Kickr V5. Was much better. Have done 356 rides over the past year.

Today I’m 155lbs at 2.7 w/kg. Still seems very weak, but wondering if this is decent progress for a year? I want to achieve 3.5 w/kg by end of 2022.

Definitely doable. Probably don’t need to even lose any additional weight unless you’re really going for the spooky skeleton look (depending on your height, ofc).

You would also benefit from structured training, take a look at Dylan Johnson’s Youtube channel.

Firstly, it’s not up to us to tell you if you are doing ok. It all depends on your personal goals and aspirations.

However. Do you feel healthier? Do you like what you see in the mirror compared to your 220lb reflection? Do you like exercise more now because you feel like you are progressing?

Thought so. Well done. You are doing more than ok.

A house needs solid foundations. You have built the foundations over the last year. Now it’s time to work out what type of house you want (sprinter / puncheur/ climber) and set about building it.

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I get what you’re saying

Obviously, but I’m more looking for whether it’s good progress generally and comparatively speaking. The reason I’m asking is because I’m approaching 50 and am trying to determine if it’s NOT enough progress for my age and whether I should get checked by a doctor. I put a lot of effort into the rides and wasn’t sure if within a year, most would already be at 250-300 FTP. I don’t really care about comparing or competing with others. This is purely a health concern related inquiry.

You’ll probably find plenty of interesting stuff in Joe Friel’s book “Fast After 50” :wink:


I also understand what you are asking and you should be commended for striving to be better, it is human nature to not be satisfied and want more. Progress is a very personal thing which is determined by lots of factors. Some being previous physical condition, previous sporting history, genetics, diet and time available to train. There are loads of other factors too, it’s a melting pot.

I guess what i’m trying to say is this. Much like cycling outside, we can look ahead and contemplate what we have yet to achieve. We can get bogged down with always trying to get over that next rise in the road or thinking that we should have got there quicker.

However, sometimes the best view is the one behind us. Don’t forget to look at where you have been, where you started and how much you (mostly) enjoyed the ride. After all for the vast majority of us its the journey that matters as we will never cross the finish line first.

So, yes, you have done enough to be where you are now.
Could you have done more? Possibly, but look at what you have achieved.
Could you progress more in 2022? Certainly.
Are you going to make it happen and be the best you can be in 2022? You, bet-cha.

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Make sure you keep clear goals in mind and don’t mix apples and oranges.
You started at 100 kg and 1 w/kg or 100 W.
Now, 70 kg, 2.7 w/kg or 189 W.
You improved 89 w.
Your goal of 3.5 w/kg would be 245 w or an additional 56 w.
Very doable.
If you lost wt on a low carb or keto diet, you will start hitting the wall.
Don’t worry about increasing w/kg by losing weight.
Get to a good wt for you then focus on strength and endurance.

That’s right, I’m shooting for 250 and then maintain that as long as possible. I think that power combined with my weight would make the riding experience the most fun. Sounds like there’s nothing abnormal about my progress based on the replies I’m getting, which is good. I want to be healthy and fit, mainly, while keeping an eye out for any warning signs. Getting old is great, means I’m still alive, but I just can’t get results the same as when I was younger. I can definitely tell there’s a difference with age.

n00b gainz are over, now the real training begins :stuck_out_tongue:

(+56w in a year might be a bit optimistic so don’t be disheartened if you don’t hit your goal, just keep going the next year)

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A new Kickr bike is going to help with the motivation.

I’m 56 83kg after sitting with an FTP of 270(3.25 w/kg) last year. I’m aiming for an ftp of 300+ for 2022. (3.6w/lg).
Yes you are definitely now in the ball park, and your aim is achievable with the dedication required.