(Luke Ramsey CAM C) #1

So let me know your thoughts before I raise a request to zwift…

I’m abit of a data monkey and milestones are a great motivator for me.

When I ride zwift I have an abundance of data - each of which can provide milestones that usually accumulate to keep me on the IDT longer than I expect (#zwifteffect)

For example - I might ride an interval session and then see that the session has finished with me being at 45km. Naturally I’ll stay on to hit 50. But then at 50 I see that ive climbed 660m - OBVIOUSLY I can’t leave before cresting 700m - then at 700 I notice that I’ve burnt 939 calories - and who doesn’t love a good round number - so I stay on to hit 1000 calories. Maybe by this time I’m almost at the next level - so I stay on to level up - at this stage I’ve got a good Milage so start getting “ride ons” and so the circle of pain (fitness) continues… Because who can stop at 56kms?

So here’s the suggestion - zwift gives you this feedback in real time on the basis of your data - some milestones could be:

Xxx kms to next level up

Xxx kms off your longest ride

Xxx kms off burning xxx slices of pizza (you’ve almost burnt off last nights cheating!)

Xxx time in in power / HR zones (relative to PR)

Xxx meters to beat PR

Xxx meters to climb yyy real world climb/mountain

Performance in quartile etc…

(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

I’d love to see this, in the form of an instrument panel I can bring up (perhaps as an overlay or raise from the bottom of the screen, like the meters I can overlay onto my Garmin ViRB cam videos - see left side of attached screenshot); a series of progress bars, tachometers and other dials indicating my progress past the last challenge and how much to the next series of milestones. 

This gets my vote. 


(Luke Ramsey CAM C) #3

Thanks setuid


click the vote button :slight_smile:


ps, is that a screen grab from a curb?


if so I think I might need to get one - love the data overlay…

(K.C. Race3R) #4

I agree that more milestones WHILE RIDING would be a great addition!

(... david (aka "setuid")) #5

Garmin ViRB… PM me on Facebook and I’ll link you to some of the videos I’ve taken with it while riding IRL.