I need help to connect my garmin venu 2s to zwift

Hello everyone.
After a lot of searches over the net i cant figher how to connect my venu 2s to the zwift over my phone.
I could pair only the hr from my watch to phone but cant pair the run speed or cadence.
Do the only way is to buy pod the moitor the speed?

Hi @Nadav_Hindi welcome to Zwift forums.

Fitness watches are a huge category, and a great deal of them aren’t made to pair with third party apps in the same way that they pair with the manufacturer’s proprietary apps. So it’s possible that it’s not capable of doing what you want it to do.

This Support Hub article has a list of Garmin watches that do what you want - and offers alternatives so you can run in Zwift. Hope this helps!

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I don’t think the watch transmits speed or cadence natively but there are apps like this which might work:

I used it with a garmin fenix 5 in the past but haven’t tried it with the venu watches.

Wow… thanks a lot for halping but is’s doesn’t find me the page of the app in connect iq shop… :sob:

it says compatible with the venu but not venu 2s, are you able to download it?

It’s not a Garmin iq app.

It’s an app you install on your phone or tablet. You then link your watch to it and put it into treadmill mode. It takes the data from the accelerometer of your watch and sends it to Zwift.

Or you can just bypass the watch and link the app to zwift and set it to the speed of your treadmill.
If you run at a constant pace then simple but if you tend to change speed then you need to tell the app that.

It is both, you need to install a Garmin IQ app to make the watch link to the app. but you’re right you can use it without a watch but that requires you to have the phone on you while you run.

Chris, I thought I’d replied about the treadmill speed transmitter app which is totally independent of Garmin IQ.

I wasn’t referring to HR run transmitter which as you rightly say is an IQ app.

Reading up on the venu I think it’s good for HR with both options but lacks the ability to do much else when it comes to recording activities.

They are the same app - in order to use the speed and cadence from your watch (not the phone) you download the app to your phone and the garmin iq app to your watch and link the two together. this means the phone app broadcasts the speed and cadence from your watch via bluetooth.

the naming is a little confusing.

Hi, last time I looked there vere only 3 or 4 garmin watches that could do it’s Virtual Run mode. One if them is the forerunner 245.
I have one. I used the companion app at first, but recently it connects straight away - speed, heartrate and cadence. (ie without the companion app) Also before it tan pretty well flawlessly, but recently it has random dropouts. My avitar stops for a few seconds then restarts.
I’m trying different things like turn off other gadgets. Cheers

You can connect the Venu 2s to Zwift (to all 3 sensors),

  1. From your watch, go to settings > Wrist Heart Rate and turn on ‘Broadcast in Activity’ option
  2. Select Treadmill from activities before start up Zwift
  3. Start Zwift and pair your sensors, you should see Venu 2 from the list of available devices on all 3 sensors (Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence)